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Reach for the Stars!

World class competitive ARTISTIC gymnastics training FOR BEGINNERS AGED 10+, TO budding gymnasts, Levels & ELITE NATional champions & BEYOND!

Educating, guiding and inspiring our gymnasts to reach their potential, reach their goals and reach for the stars!

Delta Aspire Program Streams

Delta Aspire gymnastics classes range from 2 – 24 hrs per week, and provide gymnasts with a progressive pathway through the Australian National Levels program (Level 1-10 & International).

Whether new to the sport (grade 5+), a junior gymnast in the making or an experienced, high level gymnast, the Delta Aspire gymnastics program streams are tailored to encourage all participants to be the very best they can be!


Leap Into Gymnastics!

The Delta Aspire Foundations stream introduces gymnasts of all abilities to performance artistic gymnastics. With classes ranging from 2 to 9 hours a week there is class to cater for everyone, from first timers (in Grade 5 and above) to budding gymnasts!

Foundations gymnasts progress through WAG & MAG Levels 1-3 and are invited to perform at three internal team competitions per year. As an introductory stepping stone to competitive levels gymnastics, the primary focus is learning strong skill techniques, developing great training attitudes and enjoying being part of a team. Above all else, it’s about building a love of gymnastics!

  • Women’s Artistic Gymnastics (WAG) Level 1-3 offered at all Delta Clubs.
  • Men’s Artistic Gymnastics (MAG) Level 1 offered at Delta Brisbane & Delta Gold Coast.  MAG Level 1-3 offered at Delta Cairns only.
  • Aspire 2 classes – beginners welcome! Selection to Aspire 3 & up classes is by invitation
  • Classes run Monday – Saturday
  • Club uniform required for competition


Live and Love Gymnastics!

The Delta Aspire Performance stream caters for gymnasts in Level 4-6 and offers artistic gymnastics classes ranging from 4 to 16 hours per week. To be selected, gymnasts must have progressed from the Foundations stream, or have prior competitive gymnastics experience at a similar level.

With a focus on developing physical strength and flexibility, gymnasts achieve excellent technique across all apparatus, while fostering positive training attitudes and a lifelong love of gymnastics! Gymnasts in this stream learn to maximise performance on the competition floor and compete in both individual and team events at a Club, Regional and State level. Our Performance stream provides key progression into the Competitive Team and encourages gymnasts to set long term goals and strive to be the best they can be!

  • Women’s Artistic Gymnastics (WAG) Level 4-6 offered at all Delta Clubs.
  • Men’s Artistic Gymnastics (MAG) Level 4-6 offered at Delta Cairns only.
  • Selection to the Aspire Performance stream is by invitation
  • Classes run Monday – Saturday
  • Club uniform required for competition



Excel at the Highest Level!

The Delta Aspire Competitive stream caters for elite, high level gymnasts with the desire and ability to excel in Level 7-10 and/or the  International arena. Gymnasts selected into this stream will train between 16 plus hours per week and contest individual and team Club, Regional, State, National and International events. Gymnasts are also invited to travel as a team on interstate and international tours.

Athletes in the Competitive team lead the way for the Delta Aspire Program. With a focus on mastering high level skills, exceptional strength and conditioning and an emphasis on goal setting and teamwork, gymnasts are equipped with the skills to be the best they can be – in the gym, at school and in future endeavours!

  • Women’s Artistic Gymnastics (WAG) Level 7-10 offered at all Delta Clubs.
  • Men’s Artistic Gymnastics (MAG) Level 7-10 offered at Delta Cairns only.
  • Selection to the Aspire Competitive stream is by invitation
  • Classes run Monday – Saturday
  • Club uniform required for competition


Competitive gymnastics not for you?

Check out our Delta Gym Kids program 
Delta Gym Kids

the delta aspire Difference

A System that Works

The Delta Aspire program is based on an integrated system proven to help each and every child reach their potential.  At every stage, gymnasts in the Aspire program follow the same curriculum of techniques and drills, allowing continuous development as they transition between classes within the program.

Reach your Potential

We know the journey of every Aspire gymnast will be different, so we encourage gymnasts to set their own individuals goals and provide them with the tools and support they need to reach them.  Whether it be performing at a competition for the first time, setting goals to improve strength, or aiming for selection on the Australia team, Delta Aspire gymnasts are taught to feel good about their accomplishments no matter how big or small they may be.

Enjoy the Journey

Training and competing is just the start for Delta Aspire gymnasts.  Unique and fun life experiences are a key part of the program.  From Club, State and National competitions, interstate and international tours, workshops, clinics, social gatherings, annual awards celebrations and leadership camps… the rewards of being part of the Delta Aspire program are endless.

Coaches who Care

Delta Aspire coaches don’t just teach cartwheels, they teach children!  Our coaches are qualified, experienced and passionate about guiding every Aspire member through their individual gymnastics journey.   Creating a positive and supportive training environment for gymnasts; and maximising every session in the gym is a priority for our coaching team.


Feedback & Communication is Key

Scores on the competition floor are only one part of the picture.  The development and progression of our Aspire gymnasts are measured on an ongoing basis – in training, at scheduled strength, skill and flexibility assessments and by encouraging excellent training attitudes and behaviours.  Feedback is crucial; and regular communication ensures Aspire gymnasts, parents and coaches are on the same page, working towards the same goals.


Keep the Balance

More time spent in the gym doesn’t always equal greater success.  At Delta, our philosophy is to promote a balanced lifestyle for our competitive gymnasts, enabling them to participate in school activities and have family time, whilst maximising their training outcomes.  Aspire gymnasts work hard to make best use of their time in the gym and only increase training hours as required.


With Aspire gymnasts competing for

Delta Brisbane, Delta Gold Coast and Barron Valley Gymnastics, we are leading the way in competitive artistic gymnastics across Queensland!



Delta Gold Coast is the highest ranked gymnastics club on the Gold Coast and the 3rd ranked Club in Queensland! With a National ranking of 4th in Australia, Delta Gold Coast Aspire gymnasts are a force to be reckoned with!


With dedicated and passionate competitive coaches and a strong team of enthusiastic and talented gymnasts, Delta Gold Coast continues to go from strength to strength!



Delta Brisbane is the leading gymnastics Club in Queensland, holding the State Club Champion title for 10 years running!

Currently ranked 2nd in Australia in 2015, and with a strong history of gymnasts representing the region, state and the country, Delta Brisbane Aspire program is leading the way locally, at a state level and across the country!


Barron Valley Gymnastics Logo

Barron Valley Gymnastics is proud to be the highest ranked North Queensland club in the state!
With a 40 year competitive history, Barron Valley is one of only four Queensland clubs to have earned a State Club Champion title. We are proud to be a small regional club, achieving great success against the metropolitan clubs in Queensland.

Barron Valley gymnasts contest local, Regional and State Events throughout the year and are currently ranked first in the North Queensland Region and in the top 10 in Queensland!



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