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Uh Oh.. the 2018 Class Offer Doesn’t Suit

We understand you may need to choose a different class which better suits your family’s schedule in 2018.

Class rolls open for booking swaps from Tuesday 21st November 2017. 

Did you know we will be offering classes on a Sunday in 2018!?

If weekend sport better suits your family’s needs in 2018, why not make the swap to Sundays? Check out our Sunday session times in the schedules below!

Here are the steps to swap from your offered class & arrange your 2018 booking (please only contact us from the 21st, no changes will be possible prior to this time):

Review our 2018 Class Timetables & find your preferred class day/time/venue (subject to availability).

Get Ready for Sunday Funday!? In 2018, Barron Valley will be launching gymnastics on a Sunday for our Gym Kids Prep, through to Aspire 2 gymnasts.  If weekend sport better suits your families needs in 2018, why not make the swap to Sundays?

 Jnr Gym Kids View 2018 Class Timetable
 Gym Kids Prep View 2018 Class Timetable
 Gym Kids Beginner View 2018 Class Timetable
 Gym Kids Intermediate View 2018 Class Timetable
 Aspire 2 View 2018 Class Timetable

We will be happy to help you book an alternative class from Tuesday 21st November 2017.

Please contact our Member Services team on 4055 1711 from this day to arrange your booking.

  • Please note, our class rolls will not be open for class swaps until this time.
  • Please also note, due to the high volume of enquiries expected at this time we are not accepting email requests for class changes for 2018. Bookings will be accepted via phone only.

Once you have organised your new class with us, you will be asked to please finalise your 2018 Booking Invoice with our team.

Booking invoice includes your 2018 Club Registration fee, membership renewal fees (if applicable) and a 2018 upgrade fee (if applicable).

Please note, same day payment will be required to confirm 2018 booking.

Reminder, membership must be current to continue to participate in 2017 classes.